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Due to increasing number of investors in the previous decades, many are currently invited to set up businesses throughout the country. The spur of entrepreneurial dynamism attracts more investors annually and enables more opportunities for its business sectors, UAE is now an enabling environment in which the simplicity in doing businesses is improved.

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The Importance of Management Consultancy for your Organisation

A consulting firm consists of experts who provide professional advice to an organization or a company. There are various types of consultancies, and businesses need these advisers to help them grow and reach out to their potential customers.

Management Consultancy

Management Consultants:

In business culture, it is very important that a company has business consultants to save time and increase the competitiveness of the firm. Every company must have a management consultant to improve the performance of an organization. Management consultants work closely with finance department, marketing department, and human resources department of the company. They study the data that is given to them and predict the events which may happen to the firm.

The following are some of the reasons why you need a Management Consultancy:

Strategic Planning:

Many companies and businesses struggle to maintain the quality of the service and the products it provides. When the quality of the service decreases, the company will lose its potential clients. To improve the quality of the product or service a company must first develop a strategic plan to increase the efficiency of the organization. Without a proper goal, the company will be clueless on what to do. When you hire a management consultant, they will help you out with creating a strategy which will help your organization improve the quality of the services and products.

Changing markets and technologies:

There are many catalysts which dramatically alters the commercial landscapes. If a company does not adapt to the ever-changing technological trend, then it will be left behind. There are many emerging IT innovations which completely change the way we look at marketing and sales. A consultant will help you understand the latest technologies which can be used to develop a company.

Business Process:

A good business process is a key to improve the performance of a company. When the management consultants understand the process followed by a firm, then it will be easy for them to provide solutions and tips to improve the efficiency of the company. They save a lot of money and time and also make excellent profits in return.

Leadership Development:

Effective leadership goals can help a company to achieve its goals. A leader motivates and guides his/her subordinates to perform well in whatever they do. A business can hire a management consultancy to manage all their operations, and these consultants can act as a manager and assist with the other employees in the industry.

Provides unique solutions:

A business can stand out only if it provides solutions which none of its competitors can offer. Management consultants are professionals in analyzing the process of a company and provide solutions and advice to improve the status of the organization. When your firm starts to produce unique solutions, many customers get attracted and start to do business with you.

The Five Largest Consulting Firms in the World

A consultancy provides solutions and advice to a company so that the firm or organization can improve its efficiency and provide better services and products to its customers. These advisers are professionals and have vast knowledge in a specific field. When a consultant is hired the clients get a deeper level of expertise, and this reduces the cost and time spent on a project.


Some of the most significant consulting firms in the world are:

McKinsey & Co:

McKinsey and Company provide qualitative and quantitative analysis to companies that want to improve their management decisions. McKinsey has contributed to the success of many businesses. The company is considered to one of the prestigious management consultancies in the world. James O. McKinsey founded McKinsey in the year 1926. It was one of the first companies to hire college graduates rather than experienced managers; the firm also follows a policy where if you are not promoted you will be asked to leave.

Boston Consulting Group:

The Boston Consulting Group has over 85 offices in about 48 countries. It was founded in the year 1963 by Bruce Henderson. The group provides advice to clients in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors around the world. The firm was considered to be one of the most prestigious management consulting firms. They provide an excellent client impact and offer a unique professional development.

Deloitte Consulting:

Deloitte is a UK incorporated firm and has its headquarters in New York City, United States. It is one of the largest professional service networks and has two hundred thousand employees and revenue of $38.8 billion in the year 2017. As per the reports in the United Kingdom, Deloitte had the largest number of clients amongst FTSE 250 companies in the year 2012. Gartner reports ranked Deloitte as number one by market share. The top-performing in the consultancy is recognized and rewarded, and the firm focuses on providing intense training to the employees to provide better results.

Ernst & Young:

Ernst & Young is one of the big four accounting firms, and also it is one of the largest professional service firms in the world. Ernst & Young has its headquarters in London, England.  It has over 700 offices in 150 countries, and there are about 231,000 employees as of the year 2016. It was founded by merging Ernst & Whinney and Arthur Young & Co in the year 1989. EY was ranked 29th in the top 100 companies to work for list by the Fortune Magazine.

Bain & Co.:

Bain & Company provides solutions and advice on issues like corporate strategy, restructuring, finance, mergers & acquisitions and operations. The firm was founded in the year 1973 by VP William Bain. The company has some of the best-talented consultants, and they are very supportive. The consultancy also provides some of the best solutions to the problems faced by the clients.

Types of Consultancy Businesses

In the professional service industry, the consultancy industry has the most diverse markets. Consultants operate in a widespread area and have access to a variety of workplaces. These firms provide advice to companies on various issues. They usually travel to the client location, observe the procedures of the company and provide recommendations to improve and achieve the goals of the firm.

Consultancy Businesses

There are many types of consultancies, and the following are some of them:

Human Resources Consultancy:

The Human Resource consultants help clients in improving the performance of the HR department. They also help to transform the business culture of an organization; these include the changes in an organizations design, process, and systems. The HR consultancies also have to deal with cross-country recruitment, job evaluation, HR audit, recruitment services, personnel policies, etc.

Information Technology Consultancy:

The technology consultants provide software solutions that improve the performance of a company. These IT consultants understand the key technology drivers to plan the development, adoption, and integration of technologies into the client’s businesses. They help the clients to have an advantage over the other firms.

Public Relations Consultancy:

Public Relations department deals with the flow of information between the public and the organization. PR consultants build the reputation of a company and provide a good review to the public, investors, customers, and partners. They control the opinions that the public have about the company’s leadership, decisions, services, and products.

Social Media Consultancy:

The role of a social media consultant is to increase the traffic to the company’s website. With the help of search engine optimization and web content, these consultants help firms and businesses to reach out to their potential customers. As internet marketing is slowly replacing traditional marketing, the social media consultants help your company to make viewers on the internet into potential buyers.

Legal and Accounting Consultancy:

Legal and accounting consultants manage all the legal aspects of a company. These consultants deal with things like registrations, licenses, contracts, insurances, sales, agreements, deals, taxes and acquisitions. They also evaluate risks, investments, assets and maintain the balance sheets, profit, and loss, internal and general audits. They have to solve any legal issues faced by the company.

Financial or Investment Consultancy:

These are licensed professionals who are trained to help companies and organizations to make intelligent business decisions. The financial consultants are also known as financial analyst or advisers. They use the information they get from stocks, market values, taxes and other economic factors and help the clients to increase their sales and profit.

Marketing Consultants:

The marketing consultants provide developing strategies to promote and distribute the products and services to potential customers. They help the company to get a brand name and build the reputation of the firm so that people will come to know about their business. Many companies require an expert to maintain creative techniques to launch and sustain their business.

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