In General by Jon Ford

One major complaint about online dating is that it has boosted hook-up culture among the millennials. Many believe this is the ideal ingredient needed to create emotional chaos and breakups. The hookup culture is the system that encourages easy sexual encounters which focuses more on pleasures and sex than supports and partnership.
Many do not believe, however, that this poses any problem. They argue that every matured individual should be able to handle their dates and relationship with ease.

Dangerous Game
Apart from the above assumption, however, there are genuine concerns about the safety of getting hooked up with a total stranger who may be acting up a character to get into you.
Below are some of these concerns.
– Trust Issues
Many people have been through many countless experiences that trusting others may have become an issue for them. When you also consider that there are dangerous netizens prowling the net, looking for vulnerable people to hurt or dupe, it’s just right to be careful. Unfortunately, daters don’t include their dirty pasts on their profiles on these sites.
– Safety
There are a lot of questions on safety around app dating. There have also been a lot of stories of people that hooked up online only to meet and end up being robbed or killed. While such hazards are not exclusive to online dating, when it happens through app dating, it attracts so much attention.
– Identity Theft
Meeting new people could be fun on this site. Even more, when such a person looks like a perfect match for you, you just want to dive into their worlds. Many times, daters reveal just too much valuable information that the other person could use against them.
– Addiction
Young people, by the way, adults also, have expressed concerns about the addictive nurtures of online dating. The more you see, the more you want.
– Risk of exposing young people to the prowling eyes of paedophiles.
But, are these risks enough to impede someone from giving true love a real fight? If you take the necessary precaution while surfing for dates online, you may have a better experience doing online dating than those stuck with the offline efforts.
Let’s assume that you’ve had the opportunity of meeting who you consider a good match for you on a dating site, what do you need to do to get the best from the dating experience? We have a list of the leading tips to get you through your first date. First encounters are so important. In fact, research has it that people make up their minds about others within the first few seconds of their meeting.
Check out our tips to get you through this time.
– Plan
Don’t assume. Little lapses can come to rub off badly on the day. Where are you meeting? Be specific. What time would be fine by the two of you? If you initiated the date, ensure you have resources that will afford a decent time.
– Dress Decently
You don’t have to come with the best suit in your wardrobe. Of course, you need to impress with your neat, crispy and well fitting wear. Moderation and elegance will do here.
– Avoid turning the time to an interview session
Yes, there would be this need to ask questions and get to meet the lady and the man. But, don’t sound apprehensive. Don’t look so desperate to dig out the secret or search for the red lights. Be straightforward and enjoy the moments. Many times, less expressive signs will give out anyone who’s a fraud.
– Enjoy the silence.
Sometimes, there would be silence during a date. Even well-known friends experience this. Enjoy the silence. Don’t be quick to break it. Don’t let it look awkward. Let the other party enjoy the flow of their thoughts.
– Demonstrate confidence
Being shy isn’t humility here. Be confident. That will also show that you aren’t afraid of anything. Maintain eyes’ contacts. All these will even show that you have nothing to hide.
– Listen
Many times, you are tempted to keep rolling out the words and end up sounding like a parrot. Listen. Let the other party feel your calm and ask the question: yes, non-probing questions.
– Be yourself.
If you want to keep the relationship over time, be yourself. Don’t pretend. Don’t be hypocritical. Stay true to yourself and your partner will appreciate that value over time.
So, you don’t have to be scared of online dating. You don’t have to be terrified by the information you’ve heard about it. Do your homework well, and ensure you play safe. If it’s right, it’s worth taking a risk.